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Automatic Robotics and Automation Ltd., (ARAPL) is a provider of industrial automation solutions, headquartered in Pune, India. We have more than a decade of experience serving the automotive, non-automotive, and general industries sectors. We also have a strong presence in the government sector. Our customer base is spread across India, China, and other parts of Asia.

We are also the first Robotics Company to be listed on the stock exchange. Incepted in 2005, we have grown faster than anyone could have possibly dream to grow. We now own a workplace as big as 120,000 sq. ft., employ 350+ professionals, and also own the world's first fully automated experiential warehouse.

Small is on more, who we are!

We are a one-stop-shop for industrial automation needs, providing turnkey automation solutions for all types of businesses. Our major area of expertise is automatic car parking systems – we have been pioneers in this field and have many satisfied customers around the world. With our wide range of products and services, ARAPL is well placed to provide comprehensive automation solutions that meet the specific needs of each business.

ARAPL RaaS is our new concept. It stands for Robot as a service. It’s when you provide services to a customer on a pay-as-you-go basis, usually by the hour. It’s designed to suit smaller businesses, which may not have a lot of capital to invest upfront. ARAPL RaaS is already trending upwards, as there’s less cost involved in it.

The convergence of cloud-based solutions into manufacturing infrastructure has revolutionized the industry in recent years. The growing popularity of cloud computing and “pay-as-you-go” subscription models is now moving into manufacturing infrastructure as companies look for more flexible and efficient ways to scale their businesses. While specific solutions vary from company to company, there are commonalities - such as scalability and reduction in costs.

About ARAPLRaas (the Subsidiary of ARAPL)

ARAPL RaaS is a technology company with high core expertise in software and hardware development. Automation is at the heart of every technology that the company designs & develops. ARAPL RaaS is a technology designed and developed for warehouse automation, which stands for “Robotics-as-a-Service”.

We are a Warehouse Automation and Robotics Company. We combine our Intelligent Software (WCS, ECS, ROS, QR) with our Robots (Flying Shelves, AGV, ACR) to provide End to End – One Stop Solution for the Warehousing Industry.


A Message from the MD!

It is our seventeenth year in 2022. We have learned a lot over these years at ARAPL. The last few years have been the most difficult, due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19, which has changed customer behaviour patterns all over the world. However, after the complete slowdown, things are beginning to normalize.

We have wasted many valuable months to the pandemic. While the economical jargon jeopardized every organization, all these months have given us a lot of time to go back to the drawing boards and optimize our designs. Think and design many new products and also our approach towards the growth of the company.

Although FY21 was relatively flat for ARAPL in many ways, we are targeting very strong growth in FY22 with a CAGR of 40%. Our plan is to migrate to Mainboard after FY22. I am truly blessed to have such a young and dedicated workforce. They have proven that a motivated and cohesive team can achieve great things.

We are dedicated to expanding our portfolios to different sectors and regions. Additionally, we will be concentrating on exports of numerous existing products. This year, we have begun focusing on a new area of Warehousing automation. We began our US operations earlier this year, but a pandemic issue derailed it. We'll pursue it again next year.

We've invested in a Bangalore-based company called Dheeyantra last year. They've developed 9 NLP engines for Indian languages. This year, ARAPL will be forming a joint venture with them to create a futurist robot with vision, AI, and deep machine learning capabilities, as well as built-in NLP engines. This is going to be an amazing project! This robot will be very futurist and will take us into a different league of Indian-grown Robotic companies.

We would like to give a big thank you to our shareholders for staying with us during our tough times. We want to let you know that we are feeling very motivated to achieve new successes and we know that we can bring more value to your investment in the future


Our Portfolio of Services!

ARAPL is an industry-leading provider of turnkey automation solutions for all kinds of industrial needs, including line automation, assembly line conveyance, robotic inspection stations, pick-and-place systems, gantry automation, Auto Assembly stations, Robotic Welding Cell & Lines, Fixed, Indexing & Rotary type Welding fixtures, Spot, Mig, Tig Welding Robotic Cell, SPM’s for Welding, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Hydro-pneumatic SPM’s, Jigs, Gauges & Fixtures, and more. With our team of highly skilled engineers, we can custom-design and build the perfect solution to streamline your manufacturing process and improve efficiency.

  • We make the deliveries transparent, by allowing customers to set tracking alerts that will tell them when a package is in transit and where it is located.
  • We simplify shipping for our customers by offering them a simple shipping process that is totally automated.
  • Speed is integral to what we do. Fast delivery times are a hallmark of our company’s service, one that is fundamental to customer satisfaction.
  • Technology has enabled us to reduce the cost which is often associated with delivery.
  • We increase the capacity of the warehouse by three times.
  • We will create new technology products which are based on our customers’ requirements for better quality of life, better efficiency and better business.

Robotic Welding Automation is a technology that is used in welding to help automate the process. This type of automation can help to improve the quality of the welds, as well as increase the speed at which they are produced.

ARAPL offers automation for Robotic Welding Cells & Lines, Fixed, and Indexing & Rotary type Welding fixtures, Spot, Mig, Tig Welding Robotic Cell, SPMs for Welding, and more.


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