ARAPL RaaS provides robotic solutions for a number of applications including order fulfillment and inventory management. Whether you use robots for product picking, case picking, bin picking, de-palletizing, transport, or palletizing, ARAPL RaaS can help you meet your goals.

ARAPL RaaS Software is a software company that provides RaaS (Robot as a Service) Solutions. These robots have been developed in-house and are available for both desktop and mobile operating systems. These robots can be controlled by RaaS Software or offered by RaaS Software as a part of their RaaS Solutions.


  • ZEUS 11
  • Kratos
  • Hercules
  • Aetos


Zeus - A Powerful Automated Robot

Zeus is a Robot equipped with QR Code Based Automated Guided Vehicles. It can be used for single as well as double-depth storage systems. It can achieve a max speed of 1.5m/sec, and carry a payload of 200 to 350Kg. It can have four shelves (2m) or nine shelves (4.2m).

  • QR Code-based AGV.
  • Single or double deep.
  • Max speed: 2 m/sec.
  • Payload capacity: 200 kg or 350 kg.


Kratos - A Powerful Vertical Lifter

The Kratos robot is a powerful vertical lift machine that can carry a payload of up to one ton. It can be used for single or double-depth storage systems, and can lifts objects up to 12 meters in height.

  • Vertical Lift Machine (VLM)
  • 4 Mtrs to 12 Mtrs
  • Pay-Load capacity – 1Ton.
  • Single / Double Deep


Hercules: A QR Code-based AGV Robot

Hercules is a QR Code-based automated guided vehicle (AGV) robot equipped with a range of sensors and payload options. It can achieve a maximum speed of 2m/sec and carry a payload of 700-1500Kg. It is also able to manage the fleet movement of up to 100 robots.

  • QR Code Based AGV
  • Max Speed – 2 Mtr / Sec
  • Pay- Load Capacity – 700 Kgs & 1500 Kgs
  • Fleet Management up to 100 Robots


Aetos: Robotic Warehouse Humanoid

Aetos is a Robot enhanced by Vision-based auto pick suction grippers and 7 Axis Robot with Bin Extractor. It has a vertical reach of 8 meters. It is also enabled with QR Code-based automated guided vehicle.

  • Vision-based auto Pick
  • Suction Grippers
  • 7 Axis Robot with Bin Extractor
  • 8 Mtr Vertical Reach
  • QR Code Based AGV


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