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We help you manage your warehouse operations and ensure it is on time, at low cost, efficiently, and without errors. Our solutions ensure that your products get to the consumer on time.

  • Micro FC / Darkstore
  • B2B Feeder Warehouse
  • Apparels / E-Commerce


Intelligent and thoughtful fulfillment centers!

Fulfilment Centers(FC) are warehouses that store products in bulk and fill orders to be delivered to customers. They are the backbone of e-commerce. Micro fulfilment centers (Micro FC) have the same goal and purpose, with a few differences. Micro fulfilment centers can be set up faster, they can handle more complex orders, and they can be adapted to an individual customer. Micro fulfillment centers are a relatively new concept and are often seen as a step up from a drop shipping service.

ARAPL RaaS provides solutions o automate these fulfilment centers and Micro FC centers without human interference.

The Solution:
  • The ASDM powered by WMS.ai is used to bring the right product to the picker at minimal time.
  • The conveyor is powered by "intelli-Light" to guide and speed up the Picking and Put away process.
  • ML is used to continuously re-optimize slotting strategies to reduce time and effort.


B2B Warehousing simplified!

B2B Feeder Warehouse is a cloud and ai-based B2B Feeder Warehouse management system, by ARAPL RaaS. B2B Feeder Warehouse works for your B2B companies. It is a simple solutions to manage your B2B systems, products, and customers. B2B Feeder Warehouse automates your B2B processes.

The application efficiently and systematically manages inventory, orders, buyer information, and shipments. In addition, the system provides customer details and supplier details. It also manages supplier bills, returns, warehouse operations, and purchase information. It further manages order details, demographics, and product details, it also manages website details and tracks returns with rules-based logic.

The Solution:
  • The VLM method is used for retrieving goods.
  • The AGV picks up and delivers based on the QR code.
  • Pick orders and sort them according to Micro FC / FC.


Easy, Economical, and Efficient E-Commerce!

Apparels / E-Commerce is an e-commerce warehouse management solution for e-commerce by ARAPL RaaS. Apparels / E-Commerce gives small and large e-commerce companies a competitive edge by providing a range of powerful, easy-to-use features to streamline stock control, shipping, and returns management.

The solution allows you to manage your warehouse and logistics operations. It provides end-to-end warehouse management and inventory management. It can be deployed in the cloud.

Apparels / E-Commerce is an enterprise-wide, integrated platform for managing, tracking, and reporting the movement of goods. It enables businesses to improve the efficiency of their operations to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Solution:
  • The ACR-Automatic Container Retriever and AGV work together to retrieve the required SKU goods and bring them to the person.
  • It can bring 10 bins of selects SKUs to the picker.
  • AGV can bring the entire rack to the picker


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