ASRS, or Automated Storage and Retrieval System, is a state-of-the-art technology designed to optimize warehousing and distribution operations. This system automates the storage and retrieval of goods, utilizing high-density racking solutions and robotic retrieval systems to efficiently manage inventory. Capable of reaching and organizing items at various heights and depths, ASRS significantly maximizes warehouse space utilization and streamlines order processing. Engineered for seamless integration, it requires minimal setup and is adaptable to a range of warehouse sizes and types. Operating autonomously 24/7, ASRS enhances productivity, reduces operational costs, and ensures precision in inventory management.

Solution features

Optimized Space Utilization

Dramatically increases storage density, enabling more goods to be stored within a smaller footprint.

Increased Efficiency & Accuracy

Automates the retrieval process, minimizing the time for order fulfillment and reducing errors.

Reduced Labor Costs

Decreases reliance on manual labor for picking and storing items, leading to significant cost savings.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Provides real-time inventory tracking and management, ensuring accurate stock levels and faster response times.

Continuous Operation

Ensures round-the-clock operation, allowing for increased throughput and meeting peak demand without additional human resources.

Case Study

CityGrocers, a regional grocery chain, sought to improve their online order fulfillment process to better serve their urban customer base. Facing limited space and high customer expectations for quick delivery, they implemented the Automation in Micro-Fulfilment Centre solution within an underutilized section of their existing store. The transformation was remarkable. Order processing time was cut in half, and accuracy rates soared to 99.8%, significantly reducing the incidence of incorrect orders. The system’s 24/7 operational capabilities allowed CityGrocers to fulfill orders even outside of traditional store hours, leading to a 40% increase in online sales. Moreover, the solution’s compact design meant that CityGrocers could maintain a wide variety of stock in a limited space, enhancing their ability to offer a diverse range of products to their customers. This successful implementation not only improved operational efficiency but also elevated CityGrocers’ competitive edge in the fast-paced urban market.

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