Atlas – AC1500

Autonomous Counterbalanced forklift
Experience a new era of warehouse and logistics automation with the Atlas AC1500 Autonomous Counterbalanced Forklift AMR. This cutting-edge technology is designed to load and unload materials from trucks, boosting your operational efficiency to unprecedented levels.

Product features

LiDAR Sensors – Scanning

Equipped with sensors, cameras, and LiDAR systems to detect obstacles and people in their path. They can slow down or stop to prevent collisions

E Stop Buttons

Equipped with emergency stop buttons and systems that can halt the vehicle’s motion in case of a safety breach or emergency

3D Camera

Designed to detect obstacles in their path and take evasive action to avoid collisions, such as stopping, changing direction, or backing up

LiDAR Sensors – SLAM

Programmed to operate within specific zones, and they can be configured to slow down or stop when entering restricted areas or high-traffic zones

Safety features

Robot is equipped with collision avoidance technology and emergency stop for operating safety.

See Atlas Stacker AGV in action

Industries suited for this product






Food & Beverages

3rd Party Logistics

Technical specifications

Rated Capacity
: 4409 lbs
Navigation Method
: Laser Navigation
Lifting Height
: 13 Ft
Turning Radius
: 5.4 Ft
Dimensions (L X W X H) (Ft)
: 6.6 X 3.1 X 7.4
Fork Size (inch)
: 45 X 7 X 2.7
Max Travelling Speed(Loaded/Unloaded)
: 2.2 / 2.6 Mph
Body Weight (Without Load)
: 2094 lbs
Positional Accuracy (Inch)
: + 0.3

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