All of our products are powered by iWMS, a sophisticated AI system for best results in 
operations and fleet management.


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Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager
A centralized control system that supervises and coordinates multiple robots within a fleet, ensuring seamless task allocation, monitoring, and optimization of their operations in a warehouse or industrial setting


RCS (Robot Control System)
RCS is a specialized software system designed to control and coordinate the actions and behaviors of robots. It provides the necessary algorithms, logic, and communication protocols to facilitate robot movements


For precise and efficient route planning and control, allowing robots to autonomously navigate through complex environments while avoiding obstacles and optimizing their paths.


WES (Warehouse Execution System)
The Warehouse Control System (WCS) holds a pivotal role in overseeing and coordinating automated systems, including robots, conveyors, and AGVs, within the warehouse. Its primary objective is to ensure the efficient flow of materials and optimal utilization of these systems.


WAS (Warehouse Automation Systems)
Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) serve as the operational orchestrators, optimizing warehouse processes for efficiency and accuracy. It integrate with other systems to create a cohesive ecosystem.


WCS Extend (Warehouse Control System)
Warehouse Automation Systems (WAS) encompass technologies like AS/RS, conveyors, and robotics to automate material handling. Together, WES and WAS create a seamless and automated environment, meeting the demands of modern supply chain dynamics.

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