Autonomous Pallet /
Rack Picking Robot

Hercules is a SLAM navigation based automated guided vehicle (AGV) robot equipped with a range of sensors and payload options. It can achieve a maximum speed of 2m/sec and carry a payload of 700-1500Kg. It is also able to manage the fleet movement of up to 100 robots.

Product features

Navigation system

Robots typically use sensors and mapping software to navigate through a warehouse without colliding with obstacles or people

QR codes

The robot uses QR codes to detect its position and navigate from 1 point to another

Lifting and moving capabilities

Zeus can carry loads upto 270 kg, with a maximum speed of 1.5 m/sec and positional accuracy of 10mm

Operating time and charging mode

Zeus lasts for 8 hrs in single charge and can be recharged by battery swapping or auto-charging

Safety features

Robot is equipped with collision avoidance technology and emergency stop for operating safety.

ROS technology

Co-ordinated, fleet operations for large scale business requirements, with centralized AI based technology

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Industries suited for this product






Food & Beverages

3rd Party Logistics

Technical specifications

Dimensions L*W*H (Inch)
: 55.11 X 39.37 X 23.62
Battery Type
: Lithium Ion phosphate
Max Payload
: 2646 Lbs
Tote/bin Dimension L*W*H (Inch)
: (11.81 – 24.0 ) x ( 11.81 – 16.02 ) x ( 7.87 – 13.7 )
Max Speed (Mph)
: 3.4 Mph
Navigation Method
: SLAM Navigation
Positional Accuracy (Inch)
: + 0.39
Charging Mode
: Battery Swapping / Auto charging
Rated Operating Time In 1 CHRG
: 8 Hr

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