The Sortation solution revolutionizes package handling through its sophisticated conveyor system, equipped with cutting-edge technology to weigh, measure dimensions, and sort items into categories seamlessly. This highly efficient system features multiple sortation stations along the conveyor, designed to enhance sortation effectiveness and accuracy. Engineered for ease of implementation, it requires minimal setup, making it a perfect fit for operations seeking to upgrade their sorting processes with minimal disruption. Operating autonomously around the clock, this solution ensures continuous, high-speed sorting operations, significantly improving throughput and operational efficiency in warehouses and distribution centers.

Solution features

Advanced Sorting Capabilities

Employs the latest technology to accurately weigh, measure, and sort items, ensuring precise categorization and handling.

Enhanced Efficiency

Multiple sortation stations increase the system’s effectiveness, allowing for high-volume sorting with exceptional accuracy.

Continuous Operation

Capable of running 24/7 to meet the demands of modern logistics operations, ensuring uninterrupted sortation and increased productivity.

Minimal Setup Requirement

Designed for rapid integration into existing systems, facilitating a seamless transition to automated sorting without extensive downtime.


Easily adapts to changing operational needs, capable of handling increased volumes and varying item sizes without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

Case Study

Dynamic Distribution, a rapidly growing e-commerce fulfillment center, faced challenges with their existing manual sorting process, which was slow and prone to errors. Implementing the Sortation solution transformed their operation by introducing a high-speed, automated conveyor system capable of sorting items with unparalleled accuracy. With the new system’s ability to operate continuously, Dynamic Distribution saw a 50% increase in sortation capacity and a significant reduction in mis-sorted items, directly impacting their ability to fulfill orders accurately and swiftly. The solution’s minimal setup requirement meant the transition was completed with minimal operational downtime, allowing Dynamic Distribution to quickly reap the benefits of their investment. The enhanced sortation efficiency and accuracy led to increased customer satisfaction and positioned Dynamic Distribution as a leader in e-commerce fulfillment.

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