QR code & laser slam – based automated navigation

Single as well as 
double-depth storage systems

Upto 9 shelves
carrying capacity

Payload capacity: 200 to 350Kg

Problems we
solve with our 

Higher rentals
30% more storage density
Low productivity
4X productivity with goods to person approach
Extra working hours
30% Reduction in labour cost

Our Products

Atlas Stacker AGV
Atlas Stacker AGV
Atlas Forklift
Atlas Forklift
Maia – Pallet truck AGV
Maia – Pallet truck AGV
Zeus 11
Zeus 11
Core Carousal
Core Carousal


Atlas Forklift
Atlas Forklift
Atlas Stacker
Atlas Stacker
Maia : Pallet truck
Maia : Pallet truck

After sales & service

Assigned Service Dealer

Every client will be assigned to the nearest authorized service dealer, ensuring a local point of contact for any service needs.

Regular Maintenance Programs

Clients can opt for regular maintenance programs, tailored to their specific needs, to proactively address potential issues and optimize forklift performance.

Comprehensive Training

We offer comprehensive training programs to help clients and their in-house teams better understand the maintenance and operation of our autonomous forklifts.

Stocked Spare Parts 
and Batteries

Each service location will maintain an inventory of readily available spare parts and batteries, reducing downtime and ensuring quick replacements when needed.

Dedicated Automation Engineer

Our authorized service dealers have dedicated automation engineers who specialize in our autonomous forklift technology. They are trained to provide rapid and accurate service, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Service Reports and Documentation

Clients will receive detailed service reports and documentation after every service visit, providing transparency and ensuring that all service activities are well-documented.

Software Updates

Regular software updates are available to enhance forklift performance and ensure the latest features and improvements.

Remote Diagnostics

Our forklifts are equipped with remote diagnostic capabilities, allowing our service engineers to identify and resolve certain issues remotely, further reducing downtime.

Online Knowledge Base

Access to an online knowledge base with resources, guides, and FAQs to assist with common issues and questions.

Choice of Service Vendor

Clients have the flexibility to choose their preferred service vendor for any service resolution, with a commitment to a 6-hour turnaround time (TAT) to minimize disruptions to operations.

Feedback Mechanism

Clients are encouraged to provide feedback on the service experience, which is valuable for continuous improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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